We’re ready for 2017.

The inevitable end of year post. We bet that every post on social media today is about the year 2016 for them, and yes, including this post!

Reflecting our 2016, we’ve experienced many ups and downs. We were grateful for our ups and we’re certainly even more grateful for our downs. We’d like to think that we wouldn’t had our up moments if we didn’t get to experience our down moments (easier said than done, but we tried our best!)

We hope, we will be ready for everything that 2017 will throw to us and our mantra for 2017 and the years ahead is summed up by this picture below.




Becoming Mother


In lights of Mothers Day this 22nd December 2016, We would like to dedicate this post to parents and especially Mothers everywhere.


Reflecting our journey to parenthood,Β it was exactly what everyone that’s also a parent has been saying, its not exactly a walk in the park. There are times when you will question your sanity but they also stressed that there are always times when those crazy moment has it priceless rewards.

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Bye Bye Hotel, Hello Airbnb


who needs all you can eat breakfast if you can eat from this awesome plate! (ALSO VEGEMITE FOR THE WIN!)

Part of having holiday that we enjoy the most (aside from making the itinerary) is picking the place to stay. For us, having a real nice place as a temporary abode during our journey is right there on the top of our priority list during travel. The reasons are, one is due to the fact Β we always bring our kid and two is because its nice to have a comfortable place to lazying around at the end of the day after our all day trip.

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(In the mood for) HOLIDAY

Lately we have been feeling a bit stressed out and had too much of our day to day life. haha we know – first world problem. Our last real holiday was Japan on Sept 2015 (IT WAS A BLAST) so approaching the end of 2016, We are in dire need of some kind of holiday or mini break from reality. The thing is, at the moment We are in a money saving mode, therefore going overseas is out of the question (IT WAS A HARD DECISION, BUT IN THE END OUR SAVINGS ACCOUNT SAYS NO). Of all domestic destinations, We were always want to go back to Bali because the last time we went there were during our honeymoon in 2012 (OMG 4 YEARS ALREADY) and also because our lil munchkin is somehow loves the beach (or he loves the idea of a beach and sands). Long story short, turns out my sister – who’s pregnant – also wants to go to Bali. Soooo, we ponder the idea that we tag along while we also have some maternity photo session for my sister. Luckily she said yes! So along we go to BALI!

We’ll be posting places, food (oh glorious food) and also the airbnb we stayed (WHICH WERE SO CUTE OMG CANNOT EVEN CONTAIN THE CUTENESS OVERLOAD!).

So yeah, If we’re not lazy the next post will be in about 2 days. hahaha the suspense!


Another Start Over

Yupe, just as I said on previous post. I changed the name again. Sooo typical and predictable of aquarian me. Hopefully this one sticks tho!

A little background of the new name: little family literally meaning my husband, myself and our 3 y.o. little munchkin. And we, by chance, lives in the big city – Jakarta. no surprises there right? just simple and to the point title which we hope represent the stories and musing and blabbing in this blog.

Also, as I write this post, this song has been on repeat for a good half an hour.

Take all your chances while you can
You never know when they’ll pass you by
Like a sum the mathematician cannot solve
Like me trying my hardest to explain

its an old song by a band that used to be one of my favourite, Athlete, and the song is called Chances. I think its quite fitting to the situation for me and my family now.

Reaching the end of 2016, I feel like our little family has been given a chance to start an exciting and wonderful journey ahead. Therefore we hope we can share some of that journey in this blog.

Starting over. hopefully to move forward and the better.

writer’s block

i really need to start writing again. i already have the urge but could never found the motivation! blegghhhh.

first off, i think i might change the blog name (AGAIN!) and maybe… maybe i will make this blog into a more picture heavy blog kinda thingy. but for now, let me just post this and contemplating whether i should change the blog theme for like the millionth time and thus change the name again.. although i kinda like the name -has kid will travel – but the thing is we are now RARELY travel so how are we gonna post about travel if we never do it? so yeah, decision decision.