(In the mood for) HOLIDAY

Lately we have been feeling a bit stressed out and had too much of our day to day life. haha we know – first world problem. Our last real holiday was Japan on Sept 2015 (IT WAS A BLAST) so approaching the end of 2016, We are in dire need of some kind of holiday or mini break from reality. The thing is, at the moment We are in a money saving mode, therefore going overseas is out of the question (IT WAS A HARD DECISION, BUT IN THE END OUR SAVINGS ACCOUNT SAYS NO). Of all domestic destinations, We were always want to go back to Bali because the last time we went there were during our honeymoon in 2012 (OMG 4 YEARS ALREADY) and also because our lil munchkin is somehow loves the beach (or he loves the idea of a beach and sands). Long story short, turns out my sister – who’s pregnant – also wants to go to Bali. Soooo, we ponder the idea that we tag along while we also have some maternity photo session for my sister. Luckily she said yes! So along we go to BALI!

We’ll be posting places, food (oh glorious food) and also the airbnb we stayed (WHICH WERE SO CUTE OMG CANNOT EVEN CONTAIN THE CUTENESS OVERLOAD!).

So yeah, If we’re not lazy the next post will be in about 2 days. hahaha the suspense!



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