Bye Bye Hotel, Hello Airbnb


who needs all you can eat breakfast if you can eat from this awesome plate! (ALSO VEGEMITE FOR THE WIN!)

Part of having holiday that we enjoy the most (aside from making the itinerary) is picking the place to stay. For us, having a real nice place as a temporary abode during our journey is right there on the top of our priority list during travel. The reasons are, one is due to the fact  we always bring our kid and two is because its nice to have a comfortable place to lazying around at the end of the day after our all day trip.

With the convenience of hotel booking website such as Agoda, and other similar website, going through options of places to stay has never been so easy and not to mention cheaper. With the arrival of Airbnb, it changes the whole game,  well at least for us! Sometimes we even pick places to go just because we see an Airbnb we like! I mean, some of the places is straight out of life & style magazine or some interior inspirations book.


So it’s a no brainer that for our Bali trip we pick another Airbnb to stay. We’ve been to a grand total of TWO airbnb for the past two years, yes hardly an avid user of Airbnb but so far we’ve always pick airbnb over hotel if there’s an option of that. We will review the past airbnb we stayed if we have time (our Airbnb in Kyoto were also so dreamyyyyy).


the book that I plan to finish, NOT.

A lil bit of background of this Airbnb, to be honest this property has been in our wish list for AGESSSSS (seriously, we’ve been dreaming and eyeing it for more than a year) but due to the minimum stay of 4 nights and it’s actually a 3 bedroom villas, we think that it’s too big for us. But turns out fate is on our side, because we did not plan this holiday at all and it was just spur of the moment thing and when we look for an Airbnb and this property still available (usually it’s always fully booked, months before) and so we straightaway booked it!



its located in Umala, about 10 -15 minutes driving from Seminyak beach and Echo beach, close to many nice restaurants (walking distance if the weather permit or we’re not lazy) like Nook and Monsieur Spoon. Its not as busy as Seminyak but its still within an easy reach and that’s how we like it. It’s a three bedroom villa, two semi-outdoor bathroom (!!) and private pool. Two words for this villa, PINTEREST INSPO. I will let the pictures do the talking from here


we just wanna stay here forever

the semi-outdoor bathroom

the open plan kitchen, dining and living room (DREAMYYY)

the bedroom

if you’re interested in booking this property for your Bali Holiday, please go to



8 thoughts on “Bye Bye Hotel, Hello Airbnb

  1. Emma says:

    Villanya bagus banget mbak. saya lg cari cari hotel yg kayak gini buat liburan ke bali bulan depan.
    Mbak kalau boleh tau rate harganya berapa ya? Terimakasih


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