Finding Quality Time

qual·i·ty time
  • time spent in giving another person one’s undivided attention in order to strengthen a relationship, especially with reference to working parents and their child or children.

in between our daily hustle and bustle as a full time worker, part time pie maker wannabe and on top of all of that parent to a super active three and half year old boy. it s really really hard.. no strike that.. its impossible to make sure that we already dedicated quality time for the three of us as a family.

many many times we were reminded the importance of quality time and how it can affect the quality of life whether presently or in the future for us as a parent and most importantly our child. they are after all the future generation, therefore we as a parent are thoroughly responsible for the goodness of future generation.

man, such a heavy topic for such a simple family blog.

my hubby and i by far not the most perfect parent but hey as we always promised not to judge other family parenting style, we also tried no to be to harsh on our parenting style.

first of all, what is quality time? quality time for us usually means special time for just the three of us, from what we read from parenting article and also told by many child psychologists in every parenting seminar we participated, all of them mostly saying the same thing over and over again which was;

START SIMPLE, it doesnt have to be a grand gesture. sure a week of vacation to a sandy beaches is nice but not all of us has the luxury to do that. start looking from our day to day activities and make it unique to avoid it for being too mundane.

we do it by having dinner at home together (without gadget or tv whatsoever) and we take turns whoever decide the menu. sometimes its pizza night, other times its dad’s special spaghetti aglio o lio. daily routine such as walk home from the daycare, we tried to make it exciting by taking different route or racing through the hall pretending that we are racing cars (we look stupid but we dont care). on weekend, we do house chore together, going into the laundry together or doing the dishes together (we have no maid therefore this is easy for us to do so) and while we do that we trade fun stories about exciting things we did that week. we always include our son into our weekend activities.

its sound simple, but the hardest part is to keep it as a routine and to make sure that it doesnt feel like a chore but part of normal parenting life.

we, so far, has tried to apply most of the things we said above and we feel that it works. how do we know? well a picture worth a thousand words, so here have a look at our recent quality time documented by the instagramhusband slash instagramdad.


2 thoughts on “Finding Quality Time

  1. Adalea homestay says:

    Wow. Amazing photos. I can feel love when i saw your pictures. Every single things are count as great moments and captured with never ending love.


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