(un) Productive Weekend

Another weekend has come and gone

and now it’s time to face the weekdays again.

the past long weekend gave us time to reflect about our weekend activities.

we are a self-confessed planning freak, especially for weekend plan.

we plan our weekend, almost a week ahead even two weeks ahead. partly because it gives us the excitement build up on weekdays – to help us cope with the dreaded daily routine and largely because we want to spend our weekend productively. it’s not rare that our weekend is jam packed from morning to evening that we ended up so exhausted on monday and not having what people so-called a restful weekend.

even we sometimes felt tired just by looking at our plan.

we know we need to have a break. a change. a look back on our scheduling and that’s what we did during our easter break.

for the first time in ages – we really have no plan for the whole easter break – zilch – nada. well maybe not, on last minute my good friend texted me to have a meet up but that’s it. no more.

we’ve decided to just let our weekend go with the flow, if we feel like doing stuff then we’re doing stuff but if it’s not necessary to do it straight away then we will have the luxury to not doing stuff and just be a lazy couch potato. the best kind of potato (haha so funny).

and what we found is refreshing. we get our much needed rest (i’ve been battling stupid flu for more than a week and not being able to have a proper rest) but on the same time we also got many things done. talk about being productive by not sacrificing precious time.

We ended our weekend by catching up with our friends doing the usual, cafe hopping and photo hunting. it was such a pleasant time.

Overall, our weekend was such a bliss and yes there’s absolutley nothing wrong with doing nothing. Sometimes we need a break from trying to do everything.

Have a good Weekdays! 


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