Moving on (it’s not easy)


We’re going back and forth about posting this entry and truthfully we had another topic prepared for this week’s blog entry but we just can’t let go last week’s governor’s election without commenting on it.

First of all, this is a family blog therefore there will be no political message or critique to government. that’s not us. we just want to relate from the family side of view.

A brief background, we both has lived overseas for a lengthy period of time. we both know how it feels to live where the government support its citizen so much and how people from any kind of background, race, religion can live together and has so much respect to each other that is also become the base of our family value.

During our first few years back living in the Big Durian, it was like back in the hell hole. Everything is so backward thinking, everything is in chaos mode and yet nobody wants to do something about it. We were taught to accept no matter how bad the situation is, because after all it’s been like that for ages and no one actually complaining about it. We were, still are, feel so hopeless with those mentality our people has come to accept.

But suddenly, in the year of 2014 we were introduced to a new hope in the form of a new Governor. For the first time in the longest time, we felt that…. wow maybe, just maybe, our city (and its people) will suddenly realized that it still has so much things to catch up, and maybe this time the new government will do something about it, not just talk only.

Things¬†are starting to look up for a while, we notice the little things, the public space where it usually filled with trash and not being taken care of, it’s cleaner now. we’re not worried anymore about the annual flood that has been plaguing our area for yeaaars. although yes, if we compare to other big cities in Asia, our city still feel medieval but at least we’re taking a step towards improvement. it was, at that time, a little bit of hope that we carry everyday in our life. which make us hopeful that we can raised our child, the next generation, in a society where our family value is being nurtured at.


And then, the 2017 election happened. Yes, there were many issues, sometimes related but many times are soo unrelated that it divert from the main important issues. and yes the result was not reflecting our belief and values, but we expected it. it’s a learning process for all. for us.

It’s been exactly a week since that faithful day, and so far there’s been a mixed response, some are still skeptical, some are hopeful, while we? honestly we still can’t move on but we tried to be positive, we tried to be hopeful. we’re trying to self teach ourselves these things:

  • Pay a respect to¬†the position¬†of authority even if we don’t respect the person in it. Also, we lived in a democratic country so respect the democratic process. ¬†The result may not be in our favor¬†but respect the process.¬†
  • Always be balance, we can be¬†passionate about what we believe in, but we have to make sure that those beliefs are based on facts. Be well aware of both sides of an argument, don’t just blindly believe something that might be not true at all. We learn this the hard way.
  • We continue to be the person that our families taught us to be. We still believe the same family values which are to make others feel welcome, ¬†to be a friend. ¬†to speak up for others no matter what their race, religion and belief is and continue to spread kindness, not hate or fear.¬†
  • No matter how we see things now eventually it will all be OK.¬†We will learn that some of the friends that we thought held the same values may not. We will learn what people feel strongly about and what they are willing to stand up against.¬†

We want to spread the message that we are not going to let all the negativity before, during and after the election affect us in some way. We will continue to make sure that our family value¬†still the same and continues to practice what we preach. we’re moving forward.



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