got Milk?

The first thing that sprung over our mind when we heard the word condensed milk are usually ‘aren’t those things full of sugary stuff that’s so unhealthy?’

No kidding, we usually drink either fresh milk or UHT at home. while canned of condensed milk are kept for cooking ingredients only because of that ‘too many sugars’ stigma.

Were we wrong all this time? or were we just didn’t get our facts right?

The fact is we’re a family of milk drinker. I still remember back in the days when I used to drink 3-4 bottles of milk in one go and I still remember how I used to treat myself on one of those hot sunny days with a strawberry flavored condensed milk mix with cold water. it’s a shame that they don’t sell that stuff anymore because that strawberry condensed milk was the bomb. I could literally finished the whole can in a day. Even now, we always keep milk, on any kind of forms (fresh, uht, condensed, powder) in our household. Well, for us milk is a staple food, although now milk is not considered as part of the staple food anymore, but we’re not going to argue with that.

A while ago, we got invited to a Frisian Flag event, thanks to my friend Disty  and we were quite enjoying the event’s theme and the information we’ve got from the event’s spoke person. Frisian Flag who celebrated its 95th years producing dairy goods in Indonesia has come up with a campaign called “Keluarga Minum Susu” – a campaign to encourage all member of the family (not just the kid) to start drinking milk regularly as part of the daily routine. The major reason for this campaign was the fact that Indonesia has one of the lowest milk consumption in Asia. In a year, each family in Indonesia is only drinking an average of 12 litre of milk. That’s some shocking facts. Even our fridge has at least 6 litres of fresh milk that usually only last a week.

Look, We’re not going to debate about the benefit of drinking milk, We are absolutely aware there are articles out there that will negate any good benefits that people has been saying about drinking milk. All We’re gonna be saying that if you’re thinking milk is good for you, then this article will tell you more about what’s good but if you’re thinking that milk has no benefit then… that’s good on you too. 

Anyway back to Frisian Flag campaign,  We totally support this campaign, but we do questioned for why were the condensed milk were being chosen to front this campaign. Although, if we’re being totally honest, we LOVE LOVE LOVE the taste of Susu Kental Manis Bendera, we used that can of milk for EVERYTHING. for Baking (Banoffee Pie and our traditional Pumpkin Pie), as a condiment for dessert (ES Campur and ES SODA GEMBIRA GUYS!) and lastly for our most favourite treat, ES KOPI SUSU. seriously. we used it for everything. but aside from our childhood years, we rarely used is to drink milk.

And then it hit us.

Although Frisian Flag has fresh milk products (PureFarm and Milky) Not all Indonesian families has access to these fresh milk products and powdered milk is usually quite pricey therefore the need of condensed milk. But how do families can still enjoy drinking condensed milk without worrying about the sugary content? Yes there’s an added vitamin and nutrients (calcium is still one of the primary nutrients found in condensed milk, because after all, is milk based) but let’s not lying to ourselves that every serving portion of condensed milk (serving suggestion is 1/8 condensed milk, the rest is water) can contains a considerable amount of carbs and sugar. two things that if excessively consumed can be bad for us. but this goes to every food every drink intake we took, so the key here is CONSUME MODERATELY.

The key to enjoying condensed milk as a part of a healthy diet is consuming  small moderate measured portions.

But Hey, if you’re still unsure whether drinking milk from condensed milk can is good for you, worried not, it’s still good for anything else. But don’t let it deter you from drinking more milk. remember, there’s a saying – a glass of milk keep black thoughts away.

this post although sponsored,  our writings based on our own opinions and also fact checking through various websites.

for more information about ‘Keluarga Minum Susu’ campaign, please go to Frisian Flag Website


4 thoughts on “got Milk?

  1. Ih samaan mbak, saya juga doyan banget minum susu. Dari kecilpun terbiasa 3-4 gelas setiap hari haha. Btw saya suka banget sama foto-fotonya mbak di instagram :))

    Salam kenal hehe


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