Worry less, Smile more

Recently we went to a friend’s baby shower. it was a lovely event, the decoration is all pink and flowery because my friend is going to have a baby girl, first daughter for her who is already a mom of a handsome son.

Also not too long ago, my sister had her first daughter. the delivery went smoothly and both mom and baby are healthy. My parents were beyond estactic, this is their second grandkids but also first grandaughter for them. This also means our son had his first female cousin.

These two occasions somehow reminded us of the time we had our baby back in 2013 which we remember at that time it brought us the feeling of happiness but also anxious at the same time.

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(all about the) Money

It’s time for some real talk, money talks! Its one topic that we have a love and hate relationship, mostly hate though, because just like the great notorious B.I.G said mo’ money mo’ problem (excuse us, our real age is showing)

Our attitude towards money is a result from years of life conditioning within our family and also the society surrounding us. we cannot deny that the way our family or people we know spend their money somehow affect our ways of spending and also saving money.

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a Good Morning at Guten Morgen Coffee Lab

During one of our long weekends, we went into this new coffee shop nearby our place – Guten Morgen Coffee Lab & Shop.

The place has that kinfolk rustique slash scandinavian feels to it with the dried flower ornament and the earth colour pantone adoring the minimalist interior design. Basically something that looks like it came out of my Pinterest Saved gallery which I named – scandi inspo slash dream home.

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