a Good Morning at Guten Morgen Coffee Lab

During one of our long weekends, we went into this new coffee shop nearby our place – Guten Morgen Coffee Lab & Shop.

The place has that kinfolk rustique slash scandinavian feels to it with the dried flower ornament and the earth colour pantone adoring the minimalist interior design. Basically something that looks like it came out of my Pinterest Saved gallery which I named – scandi inspo slash dream home.

Of course we went there for the coffee (and have some chit chat with our friends in our so called – grup motret) so we were having the deconstructed ice latte (myself) and v60 with the blue bottle coffee bean (the hubby).

and let me tell you this, the deconstructed ice latte is a vision of beauty.. the way it presented and the way it matches the cafe’s design.. such a pleasure to look at and it taste just beautiful as well.

aside from the coffee shop, Guten Morgen also housing a dried flower shop at the back of the cafe called Mimsy Botanical which look like something that came out of of Jane Austen period drama movie. I feel like I’m one of the Bennett sisters when I walk into the store waiting for my own Mr Darcy (the Collin Firth version obviously).

Its a shame we dont get to have a taste of the food in Guten Morgen as we already ate, we only ordered the apple cake which was a perfect match with the coffee. well maybe next time, because we’re sure that there will be another visit to this cute little coffee shop.

Guten Morgen Coffee Labs                             located at Mandala Utara 29c Tomang


2 thoughts on “a Good Morning at Guten Morgen Coffee Lab

    • halo mba erny, iyaa tempatnya cantik.
      kalau waktu itu pas saya datang jam 10 an masih belum terlalu ramai mba. siang baru ramai karena mungkin lunch hour dan tempatnya tidak terlalu besar. btw thanks sudah main main kesini yaa


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