Worry less, Smile more

Recently we went to a friend’s baby shower. it was a lovely event, the decoration is all pink and flowery because my friend is going to have a baby girl, first daughter for her who is already a mom of a handsome son.

Also not too long ago, my sister had her first daughter. the delivery went smoothly and both mom and baby are healthy. My parents were beyond estactic, this is their second grandkids but also first grandaughter for them. This also means our son had his first female cousin.

These two occasions somehow reminded us of the time we had our baby back in 2013 which we remember at that time it brought us the feeling of happiness but also anxious at the same time.

Almost four years later, our son is on his toddler phase. it certainly has its own challenge compare to his newborn phase but one thing remain the same. that constant feeling of worry over our son wellness.

It all started during the newborn phase where we as a newbie parent is still in learning process. We’re like walking on an egg shell, we treat everything that’s related to our newborn baby with such a great care that our worry level was through the roof!

Although, fortunately we stayed with our parents for quite some time, and also we have friends and relatives thats quite attentive to our son so whenever we have something to worry about we would ask for their opinion and help.

But in between our worry moments and our calm moments, looking back we relished those cherised moments because we learned a lot from those moments too.

One of the most memorable ‘worried too much’ moments we had during our newbie parents phase were those countless trips to the pediatrician over simple matter such as our kid fell over and we thought that he bleeds too much (turns out a hansaplast fix the problem straight away) or a slight ex excessive eye gunk that  we thought might be a case of a bad eye infection (turns out it was from his flu and the eye gunk gone the next day) and we even went to the hospital to check for our son’s rash (that’s actually just a really treatable diaper rash). 

Those silly moments were what made us the parents we are now, hopefully a better one.

We recounted the things that helped us got through our paranoid parenting era, one is our parents, two is online parenting tools and advice and three is having a trusted baby products all the time. One of the baby product brand that we used excessively and has been with us since day zero of our Son’s life is Sleek

At first we only use Sleek Detergent, at that time we remember it was so difficult to find a baby friendly clothes detergent. If we ever found one, it was on an upscale baby clothing store and it cost us an arm and a leg. We’re all about giving what’s best for our son but sometimes what’s better doesnt necessary has to come in a higher price. The moment we found Sleek Detergent, we straight away bought it and we never looked back since. From washing our son’s sweat soaked shirt to his ‘wet from a leaky accident’ bedsheet. So far we trusted no other brand to eliminate our worry of not washing our son’s clothing goods properly. 

When our son started his solid food phase, Sleek was there to be part of the momentous but mostly worried phase. While the large part of this phase was us constantly worrying whether our son has enough food intake (due to his picky eater habbit) but we also worried about bacteria that may come from his food or eating utensils. And as we had good experience with Sleek Detergent, we decided to also use another Sleek product – The Sleek Bottle, Nipple and Accesories Cleanser Liquid Soap which we used for not just our son’s milk bottle but his eating utensil as well.

Last but not least, these two products that just came out recently but We wish that it should have came out way way earlier because these two products were on our must have items, Sleek 2 in 1 Hair and Body wash and Diaper Cream. 

Our son’s sensitive skin means that we went through many trial and errors (mostly errors) to get the right body wash and cream. Back then we didnt have these two products, and now even though our son is already potty trained (he already use his big boy pants now) we still use the diaper cream just to make sure which we use after his shower time with his favourite toys (cars and robots) and Sleek 2 in 1 Foamy Wash.  The combination of these two products leaves our son smells so good and we have less worry about his sensitive skin.

So that’s that, we hope that beginning today we will be less worrying and start to have more fun with our son in every chance we get. 

Sleek Baby Products are available in various supermarkets, wholesaler (Giant, Carrefour, etc) and also through online retailer (Orami)

For more info about Sleek Baby Products please visit their official instagram page : sleekbaby_id


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