Dining at Miss Bee Providore

I have always enjoy taking picture of food since the invention of camera on a phone LOL. I mean, seriously, the first phone with a decent camera that I owned was iPhone 3GS and it was loaded with food pictures like there is no tomorrow. My iCloud photo is filled with food pictures from when picture resolutions were at most 320 dpi. My Husband always said that I have some serious addiction with taking food pictures. Which brings me too, food picture from Miss Bee.

On our previous post, we mentioned that we love the food at Miss Bee. It’s the truth! It taste as delicious as it looks!



Bandung Trip – Miss Bee Providore

Every couple of weeks, our little family went into a staycation, going to someplace just outside the capital to have some family quality time. In this case we went to Bandung, Bandung itself is a lovely city to go to, it has many cute places to visit and restaurants with great cuisine to dine to. No wonder many people from outside of Bandung tend to flock to the city when it comes to holiday or even on weekend.

We always try to avoid going to Bandung during holiday or weekend times because we know that the place will be jam packed with visitors from outside Bandung and even the road to go there will sometimes gridlocked for hours. Definitely not what we have in mind for a relaxing holiday. So we went there during weekdays and go back early on Sunday to avoid the rush hour.

And whenever we went to Bandung, we always visit our favourite restaurant – Miss Bee Providore. We always enjoy coming to Miss Bee, homey atmosphere with great food and with added bonus, they have mini playground which of course my little one enjoy so much.